White Picket Fence

Photo courtesy of A Spoonful of Sugar

I finally understood why many women want the house with the white picket fence. It’s beyond cute, and the perfect symbol of a happy, contented family living in a suburban house filled with children’s running footsteps down the halls, dotting it with laughter.

This “house”, which is a neat little cafe tucked on Saiyuan near Rawai beach on Phuket had such a picket fence. Not that you can see any of its closed up photos here because the dork who is writing this was so mesmerized she forgot to take any photos of the actual white picket fence.

If you don’t ever want to read any of my post ever again, I would totally understand.

But I did take photos of what I actually really NEED in my future white-picket-fenced house. I want a patio like this, with a huge tree next to it, installed with a hammock next to the squirrel highway (you can’t see it here but those bottle brush tails were so utterly adorable I wanted to bring some home).

And old, white-washed wooden furniture like these, where many evenings would be spent over a pot of tea watching the sunset.

Where, most importantly, such creatures would be invited to stay as long as they fancy.

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