Wedding Jitters

One of my tight girlfriends is getting married. And I am so happy for her because not only is she getting hitched, she has set her priorities right and opted for a simple, no-frills, down to earth ceremony involving a small bunch of good friends and a BBQ.

What I always believed in is, that it is the marriage, not the wedding that needs all the labour.  And I don’t know about you but many of my closest friends share the same belief.

So many a times I saw couples who turned their weddings into a big brouhaha, involving all sorts of family drama, theatrical feasts and highly sophisticated photography sessions which makes them look like anyone but themselves. The end results were anything but a fairy tale. They were stressed to breaking point, broke, and were edging towards divorce before they even got married.

Of course there might be a small minority who take pride in having their version of a perfect wedding and claim they enjoy the entire process. My humble opinion led me to believe that life is already stressful as it is, why make things more difficult and complicated?

I am not old nor wise and dare not hand out any advice but this much I know, that a marriage is an affair of 2, and has little room for anything else.

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