Ways to entertain yourselves

(Article by guest writer E. Martin)

Entertainment plays very important role in your lives. It helps you recharge your batteries and start work with a renewed vigor. It provides you ample scope to amuse yourselves in your leisure time. Entertainment may be active as well as passive. If you are watching a drama or a movie, you are a part of passive entertainment. Again, if you are engaged in a sports or musical performance, then you are actively participating in some entertainment activity.

Entertainment helps you get rid of the monotony of day to day mundane life. It provides you ample fun, laughter and enjoyment. Over the centuries, the entertainment industry has also grown by leaps and bounds. Entertainment may be of different forms such as sports, theatre, cinema, clowns, pantomimes, dance, music and many more. Some popular forms of entertainment include:

• Theatre and cinema

Theatre and cinema are popular forms of entertainment which have huge mass appeal. Over the years, these forms of entertainment, have evolved and have taken today’s shape. In fact, cinema industry has grown  gigantic and is offering quality entertainment opportunities to the masses.

• Animation

With the development of computer technology, animation industry has grown stupendously. Many people, young or old, find animation to be entertaining and amusing. The introduction of 3D has broadened the scope of animation industry, creating cartoons which have evolved into realistic animated works. These animation provide ample scope for amusement and entertainment to both children and adult.

• Sports and games

Since the dawn of civilization, sports and games are part of our lives. The secretion of adrenalin as well as the fun, skill and excitement associated with sports enliven spirits and rejuvenate minds. Sports may be played by one person or by a group of individuals. Various competitions and championships have raised the appeal of sports among the people. Games may or may not be of physical contact in nature. Non-physical contact games such as playing cards and chess, also provide a quieten, more civilized form of entertainment.

• Music and dance

It is said that music is the medicine of mind. Many of us find music as a wonderful way to entertain ourselves. Various forms and genres of music cater to the requirement of varied types of listeners. Alongside with music, you may find dancing as also a popular way to amuse one self.

Life without entertainment becomes completely dull, boring, mechanical and lifeless. Innumerable ways are available before you to entertain and amuse yourselves. Entertainment does not have to be expensive, nor does it have to involve anyone else.  Pick the one which suits you the most and you may never be acquainted with boredom again.

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