Troubly Tubby

Being Asian it’s inevitable to hear people exclaim “so cute!” when one chances upon a chubby baby. Somehow this strange concept (at least to me) is applicable also to loved pets. Therefore the constant overfeeding and excessive treating, in turn, formulating the perfect equation to diseases, poor quality of life and shortened lifespan of these once adorable, healthy furry creatures.

By now, the general masses probably know that being overweight is a big contributor to many fatal ailments and diseases like heart problems. Likewise for pets, being obese creates a host of health problems for them. I’ve heard of dog owners who claim their dogs do not like walking. Walking to dogs is like swimming to fish, no dog will ever reject walking unless it’s too unfit, lethargic or ill (or in some cases, all three of the above).

Proper feeding is no Nasa science. The most appropriate food types in the correct amounts, given at a scheduled time of the day is all it takes to keep your 4-legged friends happy. If your pet is already overweight at this point, do some research on the internet or pay a quick visit to your regular vet to seek professional advice. More often than not, common sense is really all you need. Cutting back on the food quantity, replacing the protein with a lean option and lots of exercise are all virtuous common sense.

Exercise plays a big part to all of us and our pets alike. Adequate exercise means your pets are less likely to spend their pent up energy on other destructive activities like redecorating your garden or eating your sofa. It not only keeps their body fit, working out stimulates their brains (yes Fido has one too!) and keeps them alert, responsive and undoubtedly, very happy. On top of that, the bonding time is simply priceless.

Of course knowing what’s good and actually practicing are 2 different ends of a pole.  But if you do not help your own pets, there is no one out there who can.

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