Time and the Time’s

Yesterday I made some sort of self discovery through a series of events. Some small and minute discoveries, but nevertheless significantly important ones.

At the pool in the afternoon, I noticed that I was watching kids frolicking in the water with more ease than I can ever manage. I used to think kids were pretty annoying. Exactly when did I start to worship them?

In the evening, we went for a wedding banquet & I was told the couple are only 24. Their entourage were as young & yeah they had fun alright. I watched their video montage (a standard feature in any kitschy wedding) and retraced how long ago exactly was I at their age, and whether I had spent that precious youth well.

After the banquet we had to attend another party (I know it was one of those crazy nights) and on the way to the party I heard a Whitney powerhouse Houston ballad on a classic’s only radio channel. I struggled inside me trying to hold on to reality and thinking “When did Whitney become a classic?”

Yeah you guessed right, I couldn’t stay awake very long at the club after that. Sleeping Beauty was waiting to possess my pathetically tired ol’ soul.

How did time catch up so fast I didn’t have time to remember? At times let’s all remind ourselves to slow down and track time shall we?

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