The XY-ers

Many of my friends and I are born in the “middle ages” between the Generation X and Y era. The shocking news of Michael Jackson’s death today had a lot of us talking about the good ol’ days. I remembered in our rock ‘n roll era of pagers, CD’s and A&W root beers, heavenly pop stars like Michael Jackson and Madonna are deemed invincible and will live forever. Death was a concept so unfathomable none of us ever gives a second thought about it.

Between the late 70′s to late 80′s, the Gen Y-ers were born. This generation caught us like a high-speed bullet train, tramping over the baby boomers with their sophisticated technological gadgets, online social networking capabilities and their adulterated perception about money.

The XY-ers like yours truly are the in-betweens caught in the middle platform. We appreciate the advancement of I.T and use our computers to support our lifestyle, unlike many of the Y-ers whom lives seemingly depend on it. We are a bit of the old school and a little of the new. We have our own sets of integrated values, above the average expectations and sometimes try to hold onto nostalgia like an old friend. Some call us “confused”. I prefer the word “unique”.

I think part of the equation also came from being older. Being responsible for both the senior above us and the juniors below, we somehow were forced to ditch the idea of being carefree and careless, and instead embracing careful and careers.

I suddenly feel very old.

But I think that Karen Miller dress I saw on eBay yesterday would make me very happy.

Yes I am compulsive, why do you ask?

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