The Right Fit

Last weekend while chilling out at Blooie’s, the cool gang and I (not that I was anywhere near cool) were deep in our knees over a conversation about fit. The gist of the conversation was that it doesn’t matter which business school our friend chooses, it has to be the Right Fit for him.

Now that had been food for thought. What exactly constitutes the right fit. Is it the feel, the environment, the people, the time, or all of the above. As the Chinese believe, everything is about Tian Shi, Di Li, Ren He. Loosely translated as success will come in the exact moment in time, geography, and the harmonious energy of the people.

But what if you are torn between your own liking and feel of another? Like in the case of our friend and the choice of 2 schools he shortlisted, how do you choose? Is the right fit simply an intangible but pulling notion, or something more complicated like using decision making algorithms?

Over the years I myself had encountered the same dilemma about fit. And no am not just talking about my jeans. It could be anything from the company I slogged in, to the flat we decided to pay through our nose for, not forgetting other nitty gritty choices. While I struggle on in the search of solving life’s intriguing puzzles, I learnt along the way what is Not a good measure for making choices. For instance, doing something because your friend is doing it too is definitely not an pre-consequence to finding your right fit.

There are some people who might believe that the universe has already programmed certain routes for us to partake. In which the case, does it matter at all that we deliberate and kill millions of brain cells to make the right choices? It’s like going to a restaurant knowing that they only serve pasta, and wishing you could have a fat slab of steak instead.

Whatever our choices are, it should lead to the ultimate destination of our lives. A good friend of mine often quotes this by the Scottish writer Mr Robert Louis Stevenson, “There is no duty we so much underrate as the duty of being happy”.

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