The Pinnacle of Human Cruelty

The recent culling of dogs in Hanzhong, China has shocked many animal activist and rights groups on an international level. So far more than 32,000 dogs have been killed in the cold-blooded mass massacre after an outbreak of rabies . Petitions, pledges and letters have been going around the Internet and I hope you have also sent in your pledge.

Animal Rights Pledge

The dog culling is performed in the most inhumane and sadistic methods. Chinese “officers” (I think of them as murderers) chase, trap and club the dogs to death, despite¬† many families in tears and pleading for their beloved pets.¬† These family pets are beaten to death in front of their watching, helpless owners, with some managing to give a last wag before they lose their final breathe. The strays, who have already been struggling under harsh conditions and barely surviving before the cull, had their carcasses piled up along the sides of the street like trash. Some of these dogs who survive the beating but are barely breathing, are being tossed to burn alive in a pit.¬† No one, not one animal, deserves such a slow and torturous death.

Let’s do whatever little we can to help end the suffering of our innocent best friends and this act of unreasonable cruelty. Sigh the pledge, write to the Chinese Ambassadors in your country, pray, light a candle, and do whatever you can to spread the word. Every little effort counts. Please help. Please.

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