Thank you

Today is a day of emotional tsunami for me. I am leaving my job and the most difficult part of it is the colleagues. I have the coolest, most funky workmates and my job was never boring because of them. I will miss all the laughter, the lunch time shopping extravaganza, the geeky jokes, the crap sharing, the nicknames, the “team building” activities (ie. beach volleyball, mountain climbing, extreme biking), the many a chocolate bars/candies we stuffed together, and most of all, the people. It had been a short but glorious journey, and we have shared everything there is on board.

Thank you guys for making my worklife complete. Thank you to all of you big bananas (the bosses) for all your guidance, support and wisdom. Thank you SG, for all your surprisingly in-tune singing and creative lyrics. Thank you TW, for the many hours on the mountains and in the wilderness. Thank you Jennifer’s papa, for your funny and ingenious expressions (ie. “Don’t worry, you are the flower, I am only the stem.”). Thank you Candy, for your cynicism and dare devil attitude which never fails to faze me (ie. asking the boss to vacuum the aircon vent above your seat). Thank you Y-ster, for making me laugh so much I keep buying eyeliner and mascara. Thank you S-bird, for being the best partners in crime when it comes to “chopping”. Thank you WY, for your infectious and high pitch giggles that can bring the dead back to life. Thank you Olsi, for always letting me poke fun of your hair/tie/shirt/shoes/belt, well basically everything. Thank you Fishegg, for you have led me to want to have a daughter as smart, sincere and beautiful as you.

I have to stop writing because my vision is becoming blurrier and my nose is smarting. But I will not say goodbye because it is not the last you will hear from me.

Thank you.

*only nicknames have been used to protect these innocent folks

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