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If you told me 10 years ago and I will one day love Muay Thai, I would have rolled on the floor laughing, and after having caught my breathe, called the asylum to get you locked up.  Today, I sat in a stuffy, spicy 800 square feet room with roughly 90 other men, watching boys and men knocking the air out of each other with smiles on their sweat-drenched faces.

I am still recovering from the heart pumping adrenaline rush of this afternoon’s sparring session at Suphanahong Gym, located in the “Little Thailand” of Singapore. 2 of our team mates from BXG fitness won their mind-blowing (oops no pun intended!) fights against equally formidable fighters.  Boon and Kai were each stars of their own league and had the audience cheering with their graceful Wai Khru moves, powerful strikes and meritorius spirit.

I can’t write anymore. I need some Prozac right now.

Ernest and Joy Boon doing the Wai Khru Kai receiving blessings from Joy Joy and Kai before victory

ps: Joy is our favouritest favourite MT instructor ever. Ever!

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