New Chapter

Hello, I’m back. Remember me? We used to see each other more often when you would read about my mundane stuff, and used it as an insomnia remedy, remember?

I didn’t AWOL for no apparent reasons. D-man and I moved into my folk’s 3 weeks ago and am a official parasite to them now. Yup, the progress we make in life is always surprising isn’t it. We then offload everything and went to Thailand for a 2 week rendezvous, where we sweated all of life’s toxins out at a Muay Thai camp and at the beach.

We went to Sinbi Muay Thai this year, and saying we loved it is quite understated. Sure, there were plenty of instructors there ready to whip our lazy arses but they were of the best breeds. There are many people who love their art, but these are the minority who live it. While it may sound very masochistic to say we looked forward to the grueling, painful and almost torturing trainings everyday, the trainers actually made it so. They were generous and patient in imparting their skills, yet able to drive us to the very extreme end of our physical and mental capabilities.

In other words we totally loved it.

Except the blue black eyes, bruised shin, broken ankles, battered thighs and intense body aches.

This is X, one of our trainers. He is hilarious.

And invincible.
This is D-man. He can be hilarious too.

And un-invincible.
These are the dudes from our our gym in Singapore.

They may be un-invincible or not un-invincible.
Are you confused? Good.

That’s a trademark fighter’s pose. But let me tell you a top secret of trade secrets of the toppest kind of secrets.
You can pose like that even if you’re not a fighter.

Just don’t tell others I told you so.

To be continued…


Well, well, look whose here, people! *swaggers into the room*

I am back! You must have missed me terribly, haven’t you?

Hello? hello?

Anybody out there??


*crickets chirping*

Anyway, this trip to Shanghai had been quite amazing. I had the funnest time I ever had with the girls, ate the best pizza in Asia..

(the zagat rated Kitchen Salvatore Cuomo), and learnt more than I ever did in a short week. Shanghai charms like she always had, with her old..

and her new..

(a Gaudi wannabe?)

K-gal and I also found quite a few interesting indie designer shops at An Fu Road.

Among them this cute, whimsical cafe named after the owner’s daughter, Mia.

We visited the gallery when we had time..

before immersing ourselves in plotting for world domination.

Until I met him, who took my heart away…

But unfortunately, I couldn’t handle this amount of cuteness.
And so I ran back to..

where my heart really belongs.


Our pal Andy stopped over Singapore last week and we had a good time catching up. He moaned that he dreaded going back to the frigging cold in Switzerland and wished he could bring the weather here over.

Be careful what you wish for Andy, for the Ms Sunshine here has a BFF, Ms 100% Humidity, whom she brings along wherever she goes. Everything here rots and gets mouldy almost instantly. And I mean Everything! Just the other day I found a grey belt (which I thought was the strangest thing) during spring cleaning, only to find out on closer inspection it was actually a black belt covered in colonies of furry little mould monsters.

Anyway he sent some pictures soon after he went back, of the house which we stayed in for about a month during our visit 2 years ago. His place is in a nostalgic hillbilly town in Chur, parked on the eastern side of beautiful Switzerland. Almost immediately I missed that place terribly, and the super duper nice Swiss folks.

I took this photo from his window when I was there during our winter visit. It was snowing and so cold.

Andy’s recent pic of  the same window before the snow. Or was it after? Or maybe in between.

Then we decided to go up the mountains. It was so cold I forgot my name.

We took an old school locomotive rail up the mountains. Andy said there is now an express train. It shortens the 1 hour journey to 58 minutes.

Swiss technology, isn’t it amazing?

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Bedtime Stories

Once upon a time there were 2 dogs. Their owners went to Thailand for a holiday during the festives, and bought the dogs new beds out of guilt. The dogs love their new beds.
The End.

The dogs specifically asked for beds in animal prints, because it’s so in.

It’s so cushy she gets lost inside.

“I’m not trading!”

Is there anything those genious Thais can’t make? I would love one for myself if it came in my size. I actually asked the shop owner. He was too polite to mention I might be a little too big.


This is the Berlin’s version of MacDonald’s, a must try when you go to the biggest city of Germany.  The legen-, wait for it, -dary Mr V. Braun says that if you don’t like currywurst, then you haven’t had one in Berlin!

My star of the wonderfully unhealthy but gratifying dish. If you had no such luck finding curry ketchup, simply improvise with tomato sauce and curry powder. You’ll need an extra dose of curry powder later anyway.

The traditional Berliner currywurst is made with knockwurst. But if you live in the tropics at 1°14′N 103°55′E of the world, I think its forgivable to use bratwurst like I had. This is so easy to make there won’t even be an ingredient list. All you need are the sausages, curry ketchup and curry powder.  Some people also put chopped onions and paprika for their adventurous palate.

Currywurst is typically served with chips, but I am not in a hurry to put on some kilos yet.  So I pan fry some baby potatoes with butter, garlic powder, sea salt and freshly ground pepper.

Grill, broil or cook the sausages anyway you like, pour on the tomato sauce and sprinkle lots of curry powder. Serve with potatoes, bread rolls and fresh salad to make it a full meal.

The Bull

Night out with the cool girls at work. Evet & gang are Carm’s long time friends and are performing at El Toro. So off we go for nachos, paella & churros. Ole!

They should so make all their waiters dress like that.

Speaking of all things Spanish, I thought about my pal’s noteworthy trip to Spain. Annie went  on a long holiday in Spain dreaming of meeting a Spanish hunk, but was in turn robbed by 3.  She was a victim of a syndicate of tourist hunters and lost her money, camera and cellphone in her first hour in Spain. When she went to the police station, there was a special queue designated for tourists just like her. Amazing.

Lesson of the day; be extremely careful and never take things for granted, especially in a strange new country. Even if they are famous for delicious dudes.

It also helps to separate your possessions into different bags, pouches, and even hidden areas if you have to. Better to have some money stashed in your underwear than no money at all.

Kuala Lumpur

I’m back! Am sorry you missed me.

Oh you didn’t? That’s fine too.

We went away for a short holiday-cum-family gathering trip at The Headquarters, Kuala Lumpur.  It was a short, but fun and memorable affair, laced with more drama than a Korean soap opera. Anyone whom had the experience of a family gathering involving 4 families, amounting to 18 adults, 2 kids and 1 dog can tell you the joy and pain that’s bundled with the travel package.

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One of my girlies is honeymooning in Italy right now (yeah life is not fair, get over it).  Before her trip last Friday, we talked about our experience there and it made me miss that wonderful country filled with wonderful people. And of course the mind-blowing, out of this world, solar plexus blasting Italian cuisine..

Piazza Duomo, Milan Vatican by night

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