New Chapter

Hello, I’m back. Remember me? We used to see each other more often when you would read about my mundane stuff, and used it as an insomnia remedy, remember?

I didn’t AWOL for no apparent reasons. D-man and I moved into my folk’s 3 weeks ago and am a official parasite to them now. Yup, the progress we make in life is always surprising isn’t it. We then offload everything and went to Thailand for a 2 week rendezvous, where we sweated all of life’s toxins out at a Muay Thai camp and at the beach.

We went to Sinbi Muay Thai this year, and saying we loved it is quite understated. Sure, there were plenty of instructors there ready to whip our lazy arses but they were of the best breeds. There are many people who love their art, but these are the minority who live it. While it may sound very masochistic to say we looked forward to the grueling, painful and almost torturing trainings everyday, the trainers actually made it so. They were generous and patient in imparting their skills, yet able to drive us to the very extreme end of our physical and mental capabilities.

In other words we totally loved it.

Except the blue black eyes, bruised shin, broken ankles, battered thighs and intense body aches.

This is X, one of our trainers. He is hilarious.

And invincible.
This is D-man. He can be hilarious too.

And un-invincible.
These are the dudes from our our gym in Singapore.

They may be un-invincible or not un-invincible.
Are you confused? Good.

That’s a trademark fighter’s pose. But let me tell you a top secret of trade secrets of the toppest kind of secrets.
You can pose like that even if you’re not a fighter.

Just don’t tell others I told you so.

To be continued…

Chantal Ughi

Every once in a while you find an inspiring story that propels you to work harder for your dreams. This had been mine for the moment.

Not that I want to be a professional Muay Thai fighter now, but I am reminded that passions and dreams must be chased to be fulfilled. And that is perhaps where we can then ultimately find happiness.

SEA Games Qualifying Series 2

7 BXG warriors gave their hearts and souls for their love of the sport, and fought fearlessly for the gym’s glory yesterday. Was so intense I thought I would get into cardiac arrest. Thank goodness there were medics on standby.

Oh they were not for me?

I don’t care what you are doing. Savour the fight clips right now!

Special thanks to D-man whom we’ve recruited for the camera services.

D-man, the brand you can always count on. :)

Holidays Rock

I love Saturdays. I love weekends very much. But I love long weekends most-est! It’s a time for catching up, for parties, to eat, drink and be merry. The coaches and some gym mates organized an impromptu BBQ at the beach.  So moment of spur that we did not manage to book a BBQ pit. Not that it will deter us.  Creativity is all that one needs.

Even The Rock has his cute moments.

If young fighters can cook, so can you. Classic line from coach’s girlfriend says : “Wooaah your chili..I Thai see already also scared!”


The over enthusiastic and über friendly tag-along. Her (his?) name is ..yeah you guessed it. Goldie.

Coach doing what he does really well. Supervising.

Powery Puffy Girls

Yesterday I found myself in a hot, stuffy, spicy Muay Thai gym again. D-man and I were there to watch our hero fight. He is the Thai equivalent of Peter Pan.

The bonus; I was flanked by my some of my favouritest, funniest, funkiest gym mates, including the coolest girl power you can find on this planet.

I like hanging out with them. Stops me from feeling that I am getting a testosterone overdose and growing a beard.

I like him too. Though his leanness often makes me want to stop eating. Forever.

And of course the entire “watch a fight” reason to go to Golden Mile was part of a greater plan.

Girl power

Nope, this post is not another feministic ego trip that dictates how women should rule the world.  It’s just a small tribute to a girl I knew who trained like a soldier and fought darn hard.

My heart tears for “Boss”, the sweetest little thing I trained together with at Rawai Muay Thai.  She lost her fight by TKO (in layman’s terms, it means your opponent whacks the hellouttaya and the referee fears for your life and stops the fight).  After taking in multiple kicks and knees, she finally passed out and was carried out of the ring.

(warning: the end of this video’s a bad tear jerker, look away now if you’re all jelly and mushy and has a uncontrollable tap inside like yours truly)

She may be 10 but her spirit is well-aged.  Practising Muay Thai toughens people like…like….like nobody’s business.   This girl is a warrior and I am sure she will go far in life.

Team BXG

If you told me 10 years ago and I will one day love Muay Thai, I would have rolled on the floor laughing, and after having caught my breathe, called the asylum to get you locked up.  Today, I sat in a stuffy, spicy 800 square feet room with roughly 90 other men, watching boys and men knocking the air out of each other with smiles on their sweat-drenched faces.

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So the D-man & I decided to take on Thailand, the origins of our all-time favourite sports, Muay Thai.  We chose Rawai Muay Thai in Phuket because of their reputation & because there were lots to do in Phuket (shooting, ATV rides, kite-surfing, bungy jumping, and almost everything else you can think of).

Rawai Muay Thai Billboard Gym Area

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