Beautiful Bags by Ling Wu

I’m not one who advertises for free but Ling Wu has fashioned some of the most gorgeous bags I’ve laid eyes on. Unlike loud monogrammed bags designed to flaunt riches, Ling Wu bags are understatedly beautiful and rich in details. Every bag tells an unpretentious story of uniqueness and hard work. If shoes can tell you what the character of a person is, then bags like these lets you read their souls.

Bungalow Bag

A good weekend (or 2 if you’re slow like me) project. I got the pattern from Abbey Lane, and love it for its generous size. I’m a born and bred big bag girl. Small, itsy ladylike handbags just ain’t up my alley.

I added a handmade owl for that extra cuteness. I think he is happy there.

Its inside is roomy and quilted, with pockets for your little life savers.

Finished off with a pair of nylon bag handles with leather grips. Light weight yet sturdy.

Available for order if you’re keen!

Hand knitted Scarf

for a special friend. Hope she likes it. It’s suppose to be her Christmas gift but we met up 3 weeks too late. And then I met her last week I forgot to bring it along.

I hope she’ll use it soon cause she’s gonna be skiing in some exotic eastern European city which name I can’t even pronounce. Well, actually more like I can’t remember. Pregnesia does such things to you.

Who are you again? What am I typing? What’s this blog thing?

*I think she looks really cute in it. Don’t ya?

Dual-sided Swaddling Blanket

I wish I had one of these swaddling blankets when I was a baby. Then maybe I would have had a chance at being completely balanced and normal. Whatever normal means.

Yes I was kidding. But it is true swaddling blankets have been all the rage these years. Some brilliant person found out that babies are more at ease and funkier when constrained and wrapped up like a present. They sleep better and longer and cry less. Because they really are the needy, insecured noise makers we think they are. :)

2-different sides with hoodies on each.

It was fun & pretty painless to make this nevertheless, and friends (you know who you are), if you are expecting a beanie of your own please ask for one from me. I’ll be more than happy to make you one. As long as you give your first born to me.

Yes I was kidding again.

Second or third born ones works just as well. Offer while stocks last.

Ok so how do you swaddle with this blankie. Let me bring on my assistant for a free demo.

First put baby on blanket with head towards the hoodie (duh!)

Fold up the opposite corner with the other hoodie and tuck baby’s chubby layered legs under it.

Fold down from the left hand corner and secure from baby’s right shoulder (doesn’t matter which side you start from)

Bring up the bottom left corner (same side where you started from) to tuck over baby’s left shoulder.

Repeat on the other side and fold down from the right hand corner and secure from baby’s left shoulder

Pull the remaining corner tight..

and wind around the back..

using the corner to tuck into the blankie.

Presto! you have a happy contented baby!

At least for a few precious minutes.

My Favourite Cafe

It’s the name of the place but I also mean it literally. Or shall I shall OUR favourite cafe of the fellow sweatshop slaves. Honestly I had wanted to write about this wicked eatery for the longest time, but you see, we are very protective about our Yong Tau Foo, with special possessiveness towards The Meatballs. We were worried if we told the whole world about The Meatballs, they would run out and we would rot in hell forever. I mean FOREVER!

But luckily only 3 persons read my blog and they all know about this special place already. Oh and let me tell you a legend of this Yong Tau Foo place…


Once upon a time, not so far away in the craziest shopping district of Singapore lies this magical fortress. On the 6th floor of the fortress there is this mythical cauldron that produces the most spellbinding, wonderfully delicious little crispy meatballs. Anyone that had eaten these meatballs becomes instantly contented, balanced and happy with life again.

Once, a knight and his chariot came upon the cauldron and set a record for eating more than anyone could possible stomach. He was crowned God of the YTF and challenged everyone to eat as much as he did. Many kingsmen (and ladies) came and tried to top his record but were all terribly defeated. It was simply beyond any normal human’s capabilities to eat that much.

True story.

The End.

I have sworn to protect the secrecy and whereabouts of this wonderful place but if keeps you awake at night, you can email me.

*photos courtesy of AhJune’s Weblog