Sweet Potato & Edamame Croquette

The easiest croquette ever. I mean ever!
The amount of edamame to use simply depends on how much sweet potatoes you’re making. A quarter portion of edamame to sweet potatoes is a good gauge. No condiments are required as these crispies have the sweetness from the sweet potatoes and the saltiness from the edamame beans. I used 3 Japanese purple skin sweet potatoes here for 2 persons. Delish!

Just peel and steam some sweet potatoes till they are soft. Cooks faster when you cut them up.

Then peel open the edamame.

Such funny hairy peas they are!

Mash up the steamed sweet potatoes and mix the edamame into the sweet mash.

Roll and mould the mixture into patties and fry them on a pan of hot oil. Be careful to turn down the heat as the patties brown very quickly.

And you have now these little sweet smiley sunshiney faces!

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