This is D-man’s favourite subject (other than me of course! ). He is an advocate of eating healthy and eating “efficient”.  Let’s look at some of the superfoods we love that are easy to find and won’t cost you an arm and a leg:

1. Cinnamon – Not only does it smells heavenly but also kind to your waistline. This tree bark regulates blood sugar, inhibits cancer cells and is anti-inflammatory.  And there’s a million ways to use cinnamon, in drinks, on toast, with fruits, smoothies, pastries….oh I can go on forever. And you won’t want that do you? No you don’t. Do you not? Nah you don’t. Or do you?

2. Nuts – Almonds, walnuts, cashews, macadamia and hazelnuts are rich in unsaturated fats and anti-oxidants. Walnuts are the best vegetarian source of Omega 3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids are the infantry in your bodies that fights off heart diseases, diabetes and obesity. Brazil nuts are really good for men’s..ahem *wink*. All raw nuts make a good, healthy, guilt-free and filling snack, just make sure its not fried, sweetened or laced with salt. Just Raw. Naked. Untouched. Al-natural. (ok ok I just want to make sure you got it)

3.  Olive oil – It contains monounsaturated fats,  phenols (cancer-fighting antioxidants) and vitamin E (which lowers the risk of heart disease, protects skin from damaging agents so you’ll always look gorgeous, and prevents nerve damage). Cold-pressed, extra-virgin oil contains more phenols, and its vitamin E is undamaged. Doesn’t hurt that it tastes so yummy!

4. Raw honey – Has phytonutrients and enzymes that aids digestions. Because raw honey has lots of live enzymes it is best consumed unheated. Do not heat up your honey. Heat kills the precious little precursors that makes this wonderful natural food anti-bacterial. Perfect food for all you die-hard, hardcore, insatiable, incurable, sweet-tooths out there. And oh did I mention do not heat up your honey?

I have to go pack my bags for our weekend trip now but I promise to be back with more!

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