Siem Reap, Cambodia

Was trying to find a certain file and somehow came across these photos that were buried deep in storage. Fishing out the memories, Siem Reap was a fascinating, enchanting and yet emotional city for me in more ways than one.

The ancient ruins that once held kings and royalties are now dilapidated and almost sorrowful. The children ran on the streets with torn tee shirts, barefooted, peddling wares and knick-knacks to tourists in exchange for a few cents that would be their dinner. Amputees are a common sight throughout the city, a constant reminder that not so long ago, countless innocents had died protecting everything they had.

Having said that, the city is now well on its way to recovery. Little authentic shops lined the old town square with handmade souvenirs and local designer wear. The movie “Tomb Raider” (FYI, Angelina Jolie is so the D-man’s dream woman. Since he was born.) has successfully brought many tourists from all over the world to Siem Reap, spreading the appreciation of the old temple ruins and its restoration project.

World Monuments Fund at Angkor Wat

A must-visit for cultural and historic architectural junkies.

No to War

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