My right leg has been torturing me all of 2 weeks. First there was a bump, then a mysterious blue-black patch the size of North America below the ankles. Getting off the bed is a battle every morning and I sometimes wonder if my legs are going to fall off at the knees. Finally summoned up the courage to see a doctor yesterday, and got ticked off badly for going to see him only after so long. I am doctor-phobic. But that’s another story for another time. After the consult, I was sent limping to the nearest hospital for an X-ray.

At the registration counter of the Radiology department, I presented my doctor’s letter and sat opposite a Patient Service Associate:

PSA: So madam you are here for X-ray?
me: Err..yes…. (looks up at the sign above the reception to double confirm I am at Radiology dept)
PSA: So it says here you need to X-ray your right shin?
me: yeeess..I believe that’s what it says…..
PSA: Can you tell me where is your right shin now?
me: hahaha…that’s a good one! I thought it’s completely smashed too!
PSA: *confused look* (I am totally serious. Apparently so is she)
me: oh you mean..oh ok……the last I checked, my right shin is still below my right knee….like everyone else I believe….But I may be wrong?!?!

She was so pulling my leg right? (no pun intended)

Anyway, apparently my shin is still intact, but there is soft tissue damage and hence the swelling, pain and persistent bruising. I am chugging pain-killers and anti-inflammatory meds right now. The fun part is, ever since I got hold of my X-rays, I can’t keep my hands off them. Its really quite intriguing to look inside yourself and see what you are made of. I mean for real.

Sorry to disappoint you but I don’t have leaves growing inside my legs. That’s my plant behind the X-ray slide.

Would it be freakish to have them framed? Will the framing shop ban me for the rest of my life?

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