Well, well, look whose here, people! *swaggers into the room*

I am back! You must have missed me terribly, haven’t you?

Hello? hello?

Anybody out there??


*crickets chirping*

Anyway, this trip to Shanghai had been quite amazing. I had the funnest time I ever had with the girls, ate the best pizza in Asia..

(the zagat rated Kitchen Salvatore Cuomo), and learnt more than I ever did in a short week. Shanghai charms like she always had, with her old..

and her new..

(a Gaudi wannabe?)

K-gal and I also found quite a few interesting indie designer shops at An Fu Road.

Among them this cute, whimsical cafe named after the owner’s daughter, Mia.

We visited the gallery when we had time..

before immersing ourselves in plotting for world domination.

Until I met him, who took my heart away…

But unfortunately, I couldn’t handle this amount of cuteness.
And so I ran back to..

where my heart really belongs.

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