Revisiting Resolutions

It’s that happy, smiley and hopeful season of the year. The cheerful spirits of everyone around me is so deafening it makes it difficult to sulk despite my flu, and inspires me to start planning for the spanking new year ahead. As I plough through my memory on 2009′s resolutions, I hold pride that I had not only managed to make it through the year in 1 whole (bigger) piece, but also fulfilled 3 of the 5 goals I set to achieve.

Given that 60% might not be the high-flyer million dollar table (or whatever it’s called) passing mark, it is by my standards. Although I have to say that I was not always like that.

Recalling what I saw on House on cable last week, Dr Wilson laments to Dr Cuddy: “Why do all women do this? They set ridiculously high standards for themselves, and beat themselves up over it. A man in your position would have 2 deputys in the office, a wife, and 2 nannys!”.

I used to be that Dr Cuddy, having sent mission impossibles pacing my life’s corridors, and being always in the battle ready mode to confront them. But as I age, I found that I would rather cruise through the calm seas with D-man by my side and a mojito in hand, taking a much more relaxed approach to life’s objectives and wants. I would now rather pluck the low lying fruit than climb the mountain in search of the elixir of life.

In my terms, a goal or objective that evolves around my own approach to life is of paramount importance. Setting a target for myself, or simply wanting to do something just because others are doing it is surely not only painful but also unfulfilling. Having said that, we are so blinded by the hurried pace of life it takes a lot of soul searching to dig out the mirror that reflects your most inner wishes.

Ultimately we are all heading towards the same Happyland. We’re just taking different routes and means to get there.

I am off to gestate the happenings of 2009 and think / plan / resolutionize for the glorious 2010. Wish me much luck.

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