Emotional baggage

Here’s a hard fact for you. Though you probably would have suspect it was coming.
An American publication Obesity published a report in their July issue based on research done on 6,949 individuals with varying weight and relationship status. Brace yourself, hold on to your chairs tightly and don’t be afraid to wail after reading this.

A woman living with a partner for five years or less run a 63% increase risk of obesity compared to their single or non-cohabiting counterparts. The longer she lives with a romantic partners, the more likely she was going to keep putting on weight. Just 1 year is all it need for a woman to increase her risk of obesity after moving in.

Meanwhile on an average, men have no increased risk of obesity during cohabitation. (I know, life’s unfair dammit!). However after marriage, guys’ weight spikes upwards between the first and second year after living together. And believe it or not, there is a 230% likelihood of both the wife and husband being obese, as oppose to dating partners.

One of the suspected reasons for weight gain was that eating became a much more important activity when couple live together. Time for the gym could have been traded for hours of cuddling and telly on the couch.

But before you dig into your stash of Prozac, you may be relieved to know couples don’t have to live chubbily ever after. Studies have shod light that marriage brings along some other forms of health benefits, like living longer and increased chances of quitting smoking. Couples who embark on weight-loss programs together have proven a higher success rate of losing weight concurrently.

Don’t let this scare you off marriage though. Making a conscious effort to exercise and eat healthy home-made meals will make sure you can have your cake and eat it too.

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