Pulau Ubin

It’s hard to believe that you can still find the simple island life in a crazy, bustling city like Singapore.  Definitely a good “island getaway” if you can’t travel far. Mountain bikers will appreciate the mud tracks and nature trails, and the fresh air plus green setting doesn’t hurt at all.

Bum-boat rides to Pulau Ubin Tommy before getting seasick Tommy getting seasick D-man Something something long grass trail Another something long grass steep slope trail

After 90 minutes (we went there late because we wanted to kick start the event by fueling up at Changi Village hawker centre) we returned the bikes and went for a short hike. Annie wasn’t very keen (she’s a girl on wheels), until we nearly got lost and found 2 durians.  It’s exhilarating! And I don’t even like durians.  We finished the day off with a scrumptious seafood dinner that cost us 3 times more calories than what was used.

Am sure we’ll all sleep well tonight.

And then Tommy will wake up tomorrow morning limping and cursing. *sniggers*

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