I’ve always been the tad too careful kind.  Especially with the things I love. So it’s no surprise I can never totally relax when my dogs are not in sight. I am engolfed in guilt and fear everyday when I leave for work and during holidays, I practically panic everytime we have to leave the furries to family and friends who are saints for helping.  Lucky for me D-man works irregular hours so he takes over the doggie duties while I am at work. Otherwise I could drive myself crazy thinking about things like “What if there was a fire at home? What if my house gets burglared and the rascals took off with my rascals?”

Earlier, I went to the supermarket after parting ways with Aunty Scroogey. I saw this 2 cuddlicious furries tied outside the supermart, presumably waiting for their owner to get his/her groceries.

I thought to myself, “Man, they are so cute I could dognap them. Haha.”

Then a shot of realization ran through me; What if someone really dopnaps them? And then sell them for money? Or maybe some kind soul might think these are abandoned dogs and decides to take them in out of pity? What if some kid thinks its funny and lets them off the lease? And runs of with them? What will happen to these dogs? The owner would be devastated! And what if…

I know leaving dogs outside a no pet place is nothing but a common sight in other countries, especially on the west side of the globe. It might even be common in other dog-friendly estates of Singapore. Although I wouldn’t this is any sort of comfort for the neurotic paranoia in me. I went into the supermarket, took a basket and pretends to mind my own business.

2 seconds later, I was back at the entrance, keeping a close tab on the 2 cuddlys.  Everytime someone comes close to the furries, I went into attack-ready-alert-mode, making sure no suspicious characters were contemplating any mischief.

About 10 minutes later, the furries jumped up and wagged their tails to bits. I turned and saw a Caucasian man approaching to collect them. It was only then I could carry on with my groceries shopping. There was one problem though. I had totally forgotten what I had wanted to buy.

I am such a loser with these 4-legged furry creatures. They have conquered my life with nothing but their deep brown eyes a wag of their behinds.

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