One man’s junk, another man’s funk

Last night my bestie, her hubby, D-man & I honed our entrepreneuring skils and rented a space in a flea market at Changi Village. For those unfamiliar with this small little corner at the east end of Singapore, Changi Village is the “new” quintessential little getaway estate dotted with fun hot spots and of course fabulous little eateries (given that eating is the national sports of Singapore). You can go for a long coastal walk, camp at the beach, take a bum boat to the other little islands or simply hang out at one of the unpretentious bars along the streets (I don’t usually drop names but Charlie’s Corner is a good bet).

The flea market was surprisingly easy to set up and pretty gratifying. For a small rental fee, you get to turn your unwanted stuff into cash, and along the way have fun and spend quality time with friends or love ones.  We sold some shoes, frocks and my pals got rid of some stuff themselves. The rain shortened our “business hours” and we had to pack up early but it was a great experience nevertheless. In fact I’m kinda hook and am already looking forward to organise this again.

Sorry guys there were no pictures. D-man and I were too busy making a quick buck. Next time, promise.



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