One Eye Man

Before I met the legendary D-man, I hated herbal tea and anything to do with herbal anything. My impression of herbal teas and the likes was that it was always nasty, unbelievably bitter and vomit inducing.

Then D-man introduced me to the One Eye Man years ago. I was feeling unwell with a sore throat and a fever lurking behind waiting to pounce on poor old me.  No, the One Eye Man is not a doctor (even though I can’t be sure because he is ancient), nor is he a pirate or a dark wizard.

Introducing…*drum roll*…..the one…and only….extraordinary…. One Eye Man ! (tada!)

The traditional Chinese mixture of herbs in this tea has immediate “cooling” properties which sorts of regulates the body’s core energy and temperature, soothing any signs of heat or dryness that often causes headaches, fatigue, sore throat etc. I am not a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner so I can’t tell you how or why it works but it really does. With a proven track record. I have met not only Chinese but Americans and Europeans who have tried this remedy and swore by it.

Even though I still have to say this doesn’t taste exactly like a strawberry milkshake, the makers are kind enough to include a packet of dried plums in every pack of tea which you can steep together with the teabag to make the herbal drink more palatable. And oh did I mention this effective, under-rated herbal drink cost almost next to nothing?

Am sorry I ever doubted you Mr One Eye Man.  I was young, didn’t know better and didn’t have the D-man back then.

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