Oldies & Newbies

There are 2 types of people in the world. The ones that like old things and the others whom favour the new.  Yours truly, and I believe many more of us out there, am an oldie mouldie.

I love a lot of old things that some (even my mother) perceive as junk . The reminising nostalgia, familiarity and it’s timelessness makes me remember the glorious happy times when things were simpler and more “natural”. I love old architectural, 50′s fashion, black and white pictures, creaking furniture, classic menu’s and century old tales.

Hold your horses and don’t get things twisted here, for I approve of technology. I think technology improves our quality of life and as a matter of fact helps save lives. However in the midst of progression, we sometimes forget to embrace history and side-stepped our past.

It’s not about resisting change, but remembering our origins.

What camp are you?

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I hail from a little red dot on the South China Sea call Singapore. Am an extroverted introvert and notorious for nothing and everything. I often suffer from logorrhea so please do not take what I say too seriously.

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