Meaning vs Money

One of my girlies and I were talking about the subject of work-life balance and we came across the topic of having a “meaningful” job.  What defines “meaning” and exactly how do we justify “meaning”.

I told her “I just want to make a difference, to go home feeling contented that I have contributed and done some good.”  But we all know things ain’t as simple. We have commitments to make, families to upkeep, the latest iPhone or Louboutins that we desire etc.  Hence we stick around our job that we perceive as “meaningless” but pays for our lifestyle and more.

My girlfriend had a very different perspective. She answered “but why do you say your work is not meaningful? It pays for your parent’s maintenance, your house,  and maybe in future your kids.  Your parents probably appreciate you having a job at all, and you can’t say having a place to call your own is not meaningful..”

More than often, what we are good at doing is not exactly what we want to do.  I guess that applies to many people in their jobs, and it includes myself sometimes. Does my job really suck or is it just discontentment? Or just a case of not finding work satisfaction? Or both?

My point is, I feel it is possible to find “meaning” in a job, and the “meaning” is largely dependent on one’s priority. If the money you earn from your 9-5, 40hr per week desk job pays for your child’s piano lessons, and seeing him/her enjoying playing the piano makes you happy, then who is to say that your job is meaningless?

Contentment is the best friend of Happiness.  That is something I, and probably most of us, should learn to pursue.

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