Just hangin’ out

One of my favourite things to do, is hanging out at my girlfriends’. It is one activity that you:

1. don’t need to dress up to impress anyone
2. can forgo make-up without having the fear of giving someone a stroke
3. can having a burping competition after drinking one too many sodas (sorry AyDee but there was NO competition between us)
4. ditto for farting, and bitching about the unfairness of life.
5. are allowed to eat like a pig and squeal like one
6. can lie on the sofa with your legs propped up while enjoying a live fashion show. Or a Wii competition.
7. scavenge their fridge and finish their cookies which expired last year
8. chase their dog/cat/hamster around their sofa
9. terrorize their decent, gentle, soft-spoken flatmates
10. cook up a storm and destroying their kitchen, which they share with their terrorized flatmates (my favourite!)

Without this extraordinarily fun activity of hanging out at your girlfriend’s, and without attempting point 10 above, you will never know that:

1. it is probably a good idea to have a scale/measuring cup/any form of measurement unit when you want to attempt a recipe that involves custard, otherwise beware of the risk that the end product might become something else and your boyfriend would rather eat pineapples from a pokka dot bowl

2. adding water to sugar when you want to make caramel will result in a 95 minutes waiting and stirring marathon, after which the sugar miraculously becomes sea salt.

3. harden caramel is super duper tough. So tough the metal spoon will refuse to bulge from the glass and you need to engage the help of Arnold to pull it out. (No, I do not know magic, and that’s not a camera trick!)

4. tasting the watery custard every 10 minutes when its cooking does not make it less watery

5. Nevermind that the end product looks like foamy froth, so long we had so much fun our stomachs are all twisted because we laughed too hard.

We don’t really know whether that recipe was total bollocks or whether we were too incapacitated to do better. But I guess we knew that was never the point.

Who needs all that sugary nothing when you have your girlfriend(s) by your side.

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