If only you could talk

If only he can talk. I have a gut feeling the conversation would be something like:

Lucas: “oh my goodness you’re back! Yaaaay!!” (does 2 rounds with favourite toy in mouth)
me: “Hello Lucas!”
Lucas: “You are finally back! What took you so long? My bladder’s about to explode. Or is it implode? Anyway how was work? Busy? Busy? Busy like I have been at home?” (does another 3-4 rounds with favourite toy in mouth)”…”Gosh I missed you so much. Shall we go for a walk? Shall we shall we? Or shall we play tug first? Yeah let’s play tug with my green boney!” (does a few more dizzying rounds with favourite toy in mouth)…….Oh you won’t believe who walked past our home today! Remember that guy with the cap and the boxes…..*more blah blah* ……… ”

ps: I would give my entire week’s lunch money to anyone who can explain to me why they have to hold onto their toys in their muzzles when I come home.

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