I *heart* my cols

If you haven’t already heard me complaining (means you are quite fortunate), I work in a sweatshop which is a small entity of a even bigger shop in far away land. Anyway, work is nothing to shout about and I have worked in quite a few sweatshops before in the past decade (yes I’m that old, wanna make something out of it?) but this one is …..special.

It is special because it is sweatier than the other sweatshops but at the same time, the people I work with are a pretty cool bunch. I’ve never been in a company where people work so hard and yet manage to stay sane (that itself is quite a feat) and on top of that, try to enjoy the process. It’s like having sitting in a difficult exam which you have not studied for and so to relieve your headache you start picking your nose for relief. Ok whatever.

Some of the most interesting cast of characters are:

Annie (who has since move on to a much bigger but more boring sweatshop. All they make are pockets), who was afraid of nothing except losing and was constantly daring everyone to do the stupid things she was too embarrassed to do herself. She is scarily, can-conquer-the-world-smart and she makes sure you know it by being as belligerent as she can. She has a weakness for dogs but is not apologetic about killing fishes & rabbits.¬† Her famous last words: “Sh*t I just hung up on the PM’s office secretary!! Should I call her back and unhung myself?”.

K-gal, who has now been promoted to the stardom of TaiTai-ism, was waaaayyy too artistic to be working in a sweatshop anyway. She held on strongly to her believe for an “I” lunchtime and usually does not participate in our daily lunch excursions¬† but nevertheless has never ever missed out on any piece of update or gossip. You can always go to her and ask her anything and she would always, and I mean always, have a solution for you or at least tell you where you can find it (and its not Google). Famous last sentences include: “What is the purpose of these ornaments? What purpose exactly do they serve in life? And what do people do with these random photographs they take in the train station? Its just random.”

AyDee was a voluntary slave in the sweatshop. She literally rang the door bell one afternoon and basically begged the Chief Slavery Controller to take her in as a trainee slave (and I thought signing up for Muay Thai camp was pretty masochistic). Nevertheless she was one of the most adored jr slave around and we were all just too happy to dump her anything we can think off (though in our defense, her daily trips to get McD’s choc sundaes are purely voluntary). AyDee is totally committed to achieving success and goals. She thinks nothing of getting up at 4.08am to place her winning bid for that pair of vintage $2.50 shoes. You go girl.

to be continued in the next episodes…


Sweatshop Superstar

ps: I adore them very, very much

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