I *heart* my cols (part 2)

Yesterday we went on another hike (the pro’s call it a stroll).  It’s something we do often  (ok we try to) on weekends morning because we are suppose to be a disciplined and dedicated group of highly motivated individuals. We just love to torture and probe each other, and see how long we can remain colleagues after waking each other up at 7.30am on weekend mornings.  Isn’t it lovely? Don’t you wish you work with us? *grin*

The Y-ster and her millionaire husband came at 9.30 (meeting time was 9.00am but that only applied to peasants) professionally equipped with:

1) big golf umbrella

2) 2 handphones

3) 2 wallets

Tommy and I walked as quick and as far away as possible with our heads down when the millionaire husband opened his golf umbrella in the rainforest trail.  Seriously.

img_0192 Up on the Treetop

Tommy’s famous last words halfway through the walk: “I must have burnt at least 1,00 calories by now, but unfortunately for you, because you are so lean, you will probably only earned half of that, and hence not very efficient.” and then he smirks and looks into his heart rate monitor, only to realize he forgot to switch it on. No more conspiracy theories nor showing off for while after that.

ps: They went for Roti Prata right after the walk. That’s after all the whole motive of working out.

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