How to save $ on grocery shopping

Aunty Scroogey often writes about the “big money”, so I thought it might be a refreshing change to talk about the “small money”. Small money, when accumulated & utilized properly, transforms itself into big money. And I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like big money.

1. Always write down your shopping list, and stick to it. Better still section your grocery list into food, non-food, household needs, toiletries and etc. This way you buy only what you need and save time wondering down the aisles repeatedly.

2. Do your grocery shopping on a weekday. Parking is cheaper, there’s usually no maddening crowds and things are magically easier to find (tried and tested!). A minute saved is a penny gained isn’t it?

3. When reading your daily paper do keep a look out for special deals and promotions. Sometimes savings can really be substantial, especially on frequently purchased essentials like diapers and coffee.

4. Always have your meal before doing your grocery shopping, otherwise be prepared to buy more than you require. Shoppers who go to the supermarket hungry usually end up buying a lot more food (especially junk food) then they really need. <—- the scientists/researchers said this, not me :)

5. You must have heard this one many times. Budget your grocery spendings and stick to it. It is usually a balancing act. If you must have that expensive pate, then buy other items at no frills price. Supermarket house brands are usually just as good as the other established labels because the products are usually from the same source.

6. Cook at home from scratch. Even if you think you can’t, anyone can. Skip the frozen meals aisle and don’t let excuses and your lazy bones tell you otherwise. It doesn’t have to be a fanciful 3 course dinner everyday. A simple pasta bologna serves its purpose of being nutritious, wholesome and cheap. Planning your meals at home in advance also means you will only buy what you need and nothing more.

7. Buy only whole, real foods, and not processed-to-death instant junk. Don’t even think of picking up something that boldly prints “Just add water!”. More likely than not you won’t recognize 1 word from the ingredient list. Not only does this save you money, but more importantly your health too.

8. Buy based on price per gram/pound/kilos, especially if its an essential you need often. That bigger jar of peanut butter is definitely a better buy than it’s smaller counterpart.

9. Avoid disposable packaging as much as possible. Individually packed biscuits definitely cost more than regular family sized bags. Besides you can use your pretty cookie jars. No amount of plastic wrapping can beat that!

10. Go shopping alone or just with your partner. Bringing your tag team and the entire village with you means your supermarket trolley will load up on its own with things that you probably haven’t seen before in your life.

Come share your tips if you have more!

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