Homemade Popcorn

For all you closet popcorn lovers who secretly emailed me to ask for the recipe:

1/3 cup raw corn
100ml cooking oil (I use veggie oil but you can use whatever oil that floats your boat)
2 tablespoons butter
For sweet popcorn, prepare:
1/3 cup sugar (I like brown)
Large mixing bowl

Heat up oil in a wok on medium fire (high heat can easily turn your popcorn into a blacken mess, and that’s not pretty) . Throw in 1 corn (I won’t be mad if you use 2) and close the lid. Wait till you hear the corn pop. It’s telling you that the oil is hot enough. Take out the popped sample and throw in all the corn (all the corn should submerge in the oil) (ps: I did not say this was a healthy recipe!). Close the lid, lower heat slightly and enjoy the corn drum and bass. Once popping stops, open lid (beware of steam, not pretty if it blotches your face either) and fish out all the popped corn.

For salty popcorn, melt butter (add a bit of salt if you are sodium deprived) and mix with popped corn.

If you’re a sweet nut like me:
Clean wok, heat up sugar till it melts & swirls & make your skirt fly up. Lower heat (or turn it off completely if you’re chicken like me) and mix caramel with butter. Quickly throw in the popped corn & give it a good mix.

Get your favourite DVD, blankets and companion (I usually use D-man & my 2 dogs) and have a poppin’ good time!

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