Have you forgotten about them?

The economy seemed to be doing better now, compared to say, 6 months ago. While economic indicators paint a less gloomy picture these days, there are many of the poor out there who are still struggling to earn a living. I came across a friend’s blog and through his thoughts, I realized how we’ve come to take certain things for granted, even a simple meal. Not a day goes by that Aunty Scroogey doesn’t hear about someone complaining about something trivial, like not being able to afford a car *rolls eyes*

The original blog post was written in Chinese on Xanga.com. Aunty Scroogey has the permission of the blog owner to translate the piece into English and share it with other readers.


Thoughts from a bowl of loh-mee

A few mornings ago, I went to the supermarket to buy a particular brand of wholemeal bread, after which I proceed to a nearby kopitiam to have my favourite fried fish fillet loh-mee (braised noodles) for breakfast. As the name suggests, apart from an egg, the other main ingredient in fried fish fillet loh-mee would of course be, fried fish fillet.

My loh-mee arrived after waiting for less than 5 minutes but….. what a shock I had!

What originally should have been a whole stewed egg has become half a stewed egg. And that’s not all – what originally should have been 3-4 large pieces of fried fish fillet has now become fish nuggets. Naturally I was not satisfied and deep down in my heart, was cursing and swearing at the loh-mee boss for cutting corners.

At that moment, the loh-mee boss walked over and sat himself at the next table. Just when I was gorging my food in anger, the loh-mee boss placed a plastic bag on the table, took a slice of bread out and started chewing it. Thereafter, he washed it down with a glass of plain water and ….. voila, his breakfast is settled.

I was somewhat stunned by what I saw. Have I misunderstood the loh-mee boss? He himself was probably a victim of the economic slowdown, and perhaps his business has been affected too, just like everyone else’s. I took a peek at the loaf of bread I just bought and suddenly felt kinda extravagant. The bread he ate was simply just plain, white bread while mine is nutritious wholemeal bread. Oh dear…


Take a good look around you, especially when in the heartlands. You might just realise how fortunate you are.

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