Girl power

Nope, this post is not another feministic ego trip that dictates how women should rule the world.  It’s just a small tribute to a girl I knew who trained like a soldier and fought darn hard.

My heart tears for “Boss”, the sweetest little thing I trained together with at Rawai Muay Thai.  She lost her fight by TKO (in layman’s terms, it means your opponent whacks the hellouttaya and the referee fears for your life and stops the fight).  After taking in multiple kicks and knees, she finally passed out and was carried out of the ring.

(warning: the end of this video’s a bad tear jerker, look away now if you’re all jelly and mushy and has a uncontrollable tap inside like yours truly)

She may be 10 but her spirit is well-aged.  Practising Muay Thai toughens people like…like….like nobody’s business.   This girl is a warrior and I am sure she will go far in life.

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