Gingerbread Cupcakes

It’s the favourite gastronomical season of many. I love the warm woodiness of gingerbread spices and molasses. It’s a pity gingerbread is often revisited only during the year end holidays. Maybe I should get Mr Brer Rabbit out more often and not just once a year.

This, I promise you is a quick, easy and painfree Gingerbread cupcake recipe. The ingredient list may look long but that’s it. Throwing everything together is not difficult and the end product is definitely worth it if u live for gingerbread. Colleagues loved it so much they are asking if I take orders. If only I have kitchen elves helping me with the washing, then I won’t mind! Any volunteers?

Having said that I am not allowed to publish the recipe without consent. But if you’re really interested to get a revised version of it, please email me and I’m more than happy to share it.

It is, afterall Christmas!

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