Funny things people say/do to a pregnant woman

Most, if not all, are acts of kindness, but really funny if you think about it in perspective.

1. Nobody calls you by your name anymore. They go “Good morning! How are you baby?”

2. Nobody looks at you in the face anymore. They baby talk to your belly.

3. Your colleagues ask you every other day why you’re still waddling in the office. In a tone akin to asking “why are you walking around the office with an unplugged grenade?”

4. Friends insist on carrying all your stuff. Including that Snickers bar, because they are afraid you’ll over exert yourself.

5. Your mum starts buying you tents for dresses.

6. All your friends start giving you pictures of their child because they believe you’ll have a cute baby if you keep looking at the cutest one on earth.

7. Children look at your tummy and ask their parents what you had for lunch.

8. People give you words of consolation when you tell them you are expecting a girl.

9. People give you words of consolation when you tell them you are expecting a boy.

10. Every mum insists on giving you their pregnancy advice, whether you asked for it or not, and irregardless if it works. They just know.

11. Your friends start to order extra portions at the restaurant despite your protest and expect you to eat enough for 6. If you don’t finish all of it you’re made to feel like you’re an evil mum starving your baby.

12. Your friends tell you the most scientific myths ever. Like wearing yellow during your pregnancy can cause baby to get jaundice.

13. People stare at you & your coffee mug like you’ve committed murder and only let you off scott free when you mouth the word “decaf”.

Mums out there, what’s your version?

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