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I am a XY-er. An authentic born, bread and buttered XY-er. While I embrace technology and appreciate it’s convenience, I am not a slave to the latest, newest or fastest. Life is fast and short as it is. Why the hurry to quicken it’s pace?

This morning, during our usual weekend morning feast at the market, D-man saw something and nearly choked on his noodles. I turned to investigate and almost flipped out of the plastic stool.  One of our humble neighbourhood hawker store had installed a new signboard, with an addition of its Twitter address on the side! I don’t know about other advanced countries but definitely not an everyday sighting in Singapore. I was both amused and fascinated.

It says “Follow me on Twitter!”. And what? So that I can come running to the shop everytime a new batch of freshly grilled Otah is for sale ? Full points for its efforts though, especially in tough times like this.
I wonder if they also have a Facebook account with all of Singapore’s foodie in it’s profile. On second thoughts, am sure that’s already old news.

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I hail from a little red dot on the South China Sea call Singapore. Am an extroverted introvert and notorious for nothing and everything. I often suffer from logorrhea so please do not take what I say too seriously.

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