Debating Rebates

Most of us have it, some of you have only one and for others perhaps too many. I know people whose lives depend on it. No am not talking about shoes (close call though), nor your weird, unspeakable fetishes. It is the little rectangular pieces of plastic that I have a love-hate relationship with.

Credit cards.

The thing is, if you have to use it anyway, why not choose one that rewards you for spending money? Isn’t that sweet music to your ears? My smarty pants nerdette of a girlfriend did a comparison chart between 2 credit cards offered by 2 banks.

Rebates Chart

These 2 cards both offer rebates everytime you charge expenses like petrol, groceries and even utilities to the card. I don’t know about you but I think that’s bloody brilliant! It’s like getting cash back in return for paying bills and buying necessities. Imagine getting a discount at Carrefour for everything you buy, or getting a 5% payback every week when you fill up your car. I already have a vision of Aunty Scroogey jumping up and down the hypermart’s isles.

I finally get to say this without guilt. Happy spending!

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