He was a sailor, a fireman, a bookshop owner, a bus driver, and even used help make cakes at my grandaunt’s bakery. He loves to eat, travel, and is not rich but extremely generous to his family and friends. He looked ferocious but is as kind as a beetle. He taught me to always pursue the things that matters and never to live life with regrets, to love with no fear and to cry without holding back.

Oh don’t get me wrong, he is not perfect. He watches way too much tv, he smokes too much for his own good, he is stubborn as hell, his feet is gross (trust me you don’t wanna be within 500 feet when he takes off his socks) and makes mum real mad sometimes. Ok more like everyday.

But we love papa the way he is, like how he loves us for being us.
Papa at Father's Day dinner

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