Composting for Dummies

Since moving to our new place, we’ve been having so much fun experimenting with many different ways to maximize the space we now enjoy.

One of our many projects was to build a composting bin/station. We started the first experiment by simply putting up a net enclosure and using the one third rule. That being building a compost pile with one third of browns (dead leaves), one third of greens (fresh lawn cuttings) and one third of fruit/veggie waste . This was convenient as we just threw the composting materials in, but over time, because we stay in a impossibly hot & humid country, the whole thing started to smell. Bad.

photo 1

Hence we were prompted to experiment with a bin. We bough a cheap trash bin with cover, and drilled holes into it for water and light. We added the same materials in it and tossed it once in a while. It worked great, although a bigger bin would have been ideal. I suspect if it was tossed more often, the resulting end product would have formed quicker. But hey, we are normal people who unfortunately have to go to work so I’m easy on these deadlines. :)

After a few months, the compost looked like that. We’re letting it cook for a while more until it breaks down into smaller bits, and we’ll feed them to the garden.

photo 3

Composting is a great way to turn waste into gold for your garden / crops. It costs practically nothing but does wonders for your plants. In our backyard, we have a row of papaya trees, the first tree in the picture is closest to the compost bin and was exploding with fruits because the compost “tea” was trickling into the soil. All the trees were planted around the same time and was cultivated under the same conditions.


Try it and let me know how it worked for ya!


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