Charlie and the Factories


We have a new foster rabbit from HRSS. Charlie is totally adorable, and is much less timid then the previous pair that was rehomed. She’s not fussy about food, and is a really gentle companion for anyone.

The pet animal trade is a ugly, cruel and highly unregulated one across the world. Millions of pets, especially dogs from puppy mills, were bred in horrendous conditions and sold like commodities to shops. And when they are left on the shelf for too long, these animals who never experienced love nor care, are then used to replace the sick and dead breeding dogs from the same puppy mill.

When considering a pet, choosing to adopt over buying is a decision that will save not just one innocent life, but many others over a long period of time. You will live happier and wiser because you gained a companion with a clear conscious, knowing that you persevered and made the right decision. You will advise others to do the same and spread the word about adopting, and in the process lessening the suffering of fellow living beings.

Please, opt to adopt!

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