The Great Restoration

A couple of you asked me why I started sewing and like I mentioned, I was inspired an antique patchwork baby blanket made for my by my paternal great grandmother. I still keep the blanket till today but because its so old, it’s disintegrated into shreds and I’m so afraid to use it least it turns into dust. Bear in mind that when virtuous housewives of ancient times make patchwork, the fabrics were remnants of old clothings, unlike now where we often buy new materials for a desired pattern. The older folks know a thing or two about recycling.

So I decided to start this restoration project. I cut adequate fabric, hem them, and hand sew the pieces over torn patches. Some say it’s not sustainable because the other fabric would start to tear as well but let’s worry about that later. At least for now, I can hand down a true piece of antique to our beanie who’s about to meet the world.

This was the condition of many of those pieces before.

and after the cover-up is sewn over.

The finished product (sans the ironing sorry)


Time for yet another department fun building time! I mean team-building. This one’s really enjoyable. We get to learn new recipes, cook ‘em and have it for dinner! And the choice of Thai cuisine was totally the icing on the cake.

Don’t we look every bit the professional?

One of the finished TOTT (totally over the top) product! We made 3 other dishes but were so caught up with eating we totally forgot the pics.

Ladybird Patchwork Blankie

The initial plan was to make a baby sized blanket with a ladybird theme because ladybirds are deemed to bring good luck. But of course the I let my over-zealousness take over and I ended up with a teen sized blanket.

Who is excessive? Not me! Nek!

Pop up hand-sewn appliques are a nightmare to make but extremely gratifying when completed.

A big part of the project was made with recycled fabric remnants…

pieced together in harmony. Her first baby steps to being green! :)

That’s the back of the blanket…

flaunted by these lovely international dollies.

Well at least her birthday presents for 12 years has been sorted out!

Mythical Creatures

I so love unicorns, phoenixes and all mythical creatures. They ferry you into fantasy land, give you that something unrealistic to think about, and is just pure fun. That’s why I couldn’t resist buying this yard of beautiful fabric even though I thought it was costly (by my meager standards). I made it into a weekend bag and the rest is history.

It has 1 front pocket and 3 smaller ones inside..

hand quilting around the unicorns..

and a lovely snow flake zipper pull.

Busy Bee & Birdie

I know I haven’t been the most diligent in updating this blog, and I thank you for even coming back here to see what’s happening. You see, I’ve been busy baking something really, really special. Something D-man and I have both looked forward to for ages.

I’ll give you a clue. I made these in preparation.

We are naturally very, very excited and am grateful to all the hand-me-downs received so far. Some of these stuff are so cute I want to keep them for myself.

Thank you, mucho Gracias, Vielen Dank!


Have you had an item which you kept since young, for it meant the world to you and cannot be replaced?

I do. It’s an old patchwork baby blanket that my great grandma made for me more than 30 years ago. Its disintegrated beyond shreds now, so much so I feel embarrassed to post a photo of it up. Even my mum, the master of all hoarders in the universe, wants to get rid of it.

Actually I might post a picture of it one day. When I master enough courage.

And then you’ll cringe. You’ll see. You just wait and see!!!

So what I am trying to say is, that rag of a patchwork blanket had inspired me for a long time to actually make one myself. I made an elementary level mini blankie for K-gal and beanie before, but it wasn’t that much of a real patchwork deal.

Therefore I decided to torture myself a little more and made this.

It took me more than 3 months to finish this as I am not familiar with sewing yet and made a few blunders along the way. But I have to say it’s worth it, and I’m happy with the results.

I shall make a faint attempt at showing you how it’s done, but I am still a novice myself so don’t shoot me!
First cut strips of your desired fabric and join them on the wrong side. Press the seams flat.

Cut squares out of the strips and join them on the wrong side, alternating the design and again, press the seams flat.

Cut strips of border fabric and frame the squares together by sewing around them on the wrong side. This is then what you’ll get.

Then just join them all together and add borders, batting and binding to complete. I forgot to take photos of the action but will share them for my next project. Stay tuned!

Freya and Bloom


It’s new! It’s exciting! It’s finally up! K-gal’s webshop has some of the most unique, interesting stuff out there. She has painstakingly taken many many months (or was it years K?) to scout for indie artisans around the world and their creations, and putting it together all by herself. ┬áThe end result is a delightful mix of fun, quirky, handmade-with-love crafts that you probably can’t find elsewhere.

Happy shopping!