Chicky Police

You may remember I mentioned here my neighbours has chickens as pets. They are free roaming, great looking and cute chickens, but they also destroy and eat up whatever we tried to plant. Like these delicious Kang Kong (or Water Spinach in the western world).


So its War! We gathered wild bamboo and constructed a simple A-frame scarecrow wannabe. Then we dressed him in D-man’s rags and viola! Possibly Singapore’s only “scarecrow”. Ha!


I’ll monitor the chicken invasions and update you if this has worked. :)

Composting for Dummies

Since moving to our new place, we’ve been having so much fun experimenting with many different ways to maximize the space we now enjoy.

One of our many projects was to build a composting bin/station. We started the first experiment by simply putting up a net enclosure and using the one third rule. That being building a compost pile with one third of browns (dead leaves), one third of greens (fresh lawn cuttings) and one third of fruit/veggie waste . This was convenient as we just threw the composting materials in, but over time, because we stay in a impossibly hot & humid country, the whole thing started to smell. Bad.

photo 1

Hence we were prompted to experiment with a bin. We bough a cheap trash bin with cover, and drilled holes into it for water and light. We added the same materials in it and tossed it once in a while. It worked great, although a bigger bin would have been ideal. I suspect if it was tossed more often, the resulting end product would have formed quicker. But hey, we are normal people who unfortunately have to go to work so I’m easy on these deadlines. :)

After a few months, the compost looked like that. We’re letting it cook for a while more until it breaks down into smaller bits, and we’ll feed them to the garden.

photo 3

Composting is a great way to turn waste into gold for your garden / crops. It costs practically nothing but does wonders for your plants. In our backyard, we have a row of papaya trees, the first tree in the picture is closest to the compost bin and was exploding with fruits because the compost “tea” was trickling into the soil. All the trees were planted around the same time and was cultivated under the same conditions.


Try it and let me know how it worked for ya!


Charlie and the Factories


We have a new foster rabbit from HRSS. Charlie is totally adorable, and is much less timid then the previous pair that was rehomed. She’s not fussy about food, and is a really gentle companion for anyone.

The pet animal trade is a ugly, cruel and highly unregulated one across the world. Millions of pets, especially dogs from puppy mills, were bred in horrendous conditions and sold like commodities to shops. And when they are left on the shelf for too long, these animals who never experienced love nor care, are then used to replace the sick and dead breeding dogs from the same puppy mill.

When considering a pet, choosing to adopt over buying is a decision that will save not just one innocent life, but many others over a long period of time. You will live happier and wiser because you gained a companion with a clear conscious, knowing that you persevered and made the right decision. You will advise others to do the same and spread the word about adopting, and in the process lessening the suffering of fellow living beings.

Please, opt to adopt!

Ways to entertain yourselves

(Article by guest writer E. Martin)

Entertainment plays very important role in your lives. It helps you recharge your batteries and start work with a renewed vigor. It provides you ample scope to amuse yourselves in your leisure time. Entertainment may be active as well as passive. If you are watching a drama or a movie, you are a part of passive entertainment. Again, if you are engaged in a sports or musical performance, then you are actively participating in some entertainment activity.

Entertainment helps you get rid of the monotony of day to day mundane life. It provides you ample fun, laughter and enjoyment. Over the centuries, the entertainment industry has also grown by leaps and bounds. Entertainment may be of different forms such as sports, theatre, cinema, clowns, pantomimes, dance, music and many more. Some popular forms of entertainment include:

• Theatre and cinema

Theatre and cinema are popular forms of entertainment which have huge mass appeal. Over the years, these forms of entertainment, have evolved and have taken today’s shape. In fact, cinema industry has grown  gigantic and is offering quality entertainment opportunities to the masses.

• Animation

With the development of computer technology, animation industry has grown stupendously. Many people, young or old, find animation to be entertaining and amusing. The introduction of 3D has broadened the scope of animation industry, creating cartoons which have evolved into realistic animated works. These animation provide ample scope for amusement and entertainment to both children and adult.

• Sports and games

Since the dawn of civilization, sports and games are part of our lives. The secretion of adrenalin as well as the fun, skill and excitement associated with sports enliven spirits and rejuvenate minds. Sports may be played by one person or by a group of individuals. Various competitions and championships have raised the appeal of sports among the people. Games may or may not be of physical contact in nature. Non-physical contact games such as playing cards and chess, also provide a quieten, more civilized form of entertainment.

• Music and dance

It is said that music is the medicine of mind. Many of us find music as a wonderful way to entertain ourselves. Various forms and genres of music cater to the requirement of varied types of listeners. Alongside with music, you may find dancing as also a popular way to amuse one self.

Life without entertainment becomes completely dull, boring, mechanical and lifeless. Innumerable ways are available before you to entertain and amuse yourselves. Entertainment does not have to be expensive, nor does it have to involve anyone else.  Pick the one which suits you the most and you may never be acquainted with boredom again.

A Gift from the Heart

I call this art piece “Bull Terrier in Orange”.

Aren’t you awed by how creative my naming techniques are?

More important to me than its name is knowing how the birthday girl will love and treasure this hand made gift, no matter how lop-sided I had sewn her dog to be. Sorry. Sewing straight has never been, and may never be, my forte. Besides, its boring. :)

Upcycled Yoga Mat Bag

Any mom would know, tending to a baby is like having 2 full time jobs all at once. In the midst of endless feedings, diaper changes & tantrum management, it is important to take some time to breath and do something out of the ordinary. Like taking a shower or going to the loo for a number 1.

If you are extremely lucky to have a supportive hubby like D-man, you can venture further and experiment with recycling / upcycling projects like this one.

It’s a tube bag for your yoga mat, and requires nothing but an old pair of jeans and some ribbon. Aunty Scroogey would approve. Come on admit it, we all have at least a pair of jeans sitting in the darkest corner of our wardrobes, waiting for it’s salvation day when we miraculously grow thinner. I stopped counting when my stash hit 15.

I made this from D-man’s ancient ripped jeans. I loved how incredibly soft it is, the results of being worn so frequently for years. I can never achieve that effect, nor will I ever see natural fade lines on my denims. That’s the downside for often buying new clothes that I don’t need.

But don’t tell him that. He might get cocky and use it against me.

Best part of it is, that I know it’s one in the world.

Just like D-man. :)

Bungalow Bag

A good weekend (or 2 if you’re slow like me) project. I got the pattern from Abbey Lane, and love it for its generous size. I’m a born and bred big bag girl. Small, itsy ladylike handbags just ain’t up my alley.

I added a handmade owl for that extra cuteness. I think he is happy there.

Its inside is roomy and quilted, with pockets for your little life savers.

Finished off with a pair of nylon bag handles with leather grips. Light weight yet sturdy.

Available for order if you’re keen!

Hand knitted Scarf

for a special friend. Hope she likes it. It’s suppose to be her Christmas gift but we met up 3 weeks too late. And then I met her last week I forgot to bring it along.

I hope she’ll use it soon cause she’s gonna be skiing in some exotic eastern European city which name I can’t even pronounce. Well, actually more like I can’t remember. Pregnesia does such things to you.

Who are you again? What am I typing? What’s this blog thing?

*I think she looks really cute in it. Don’t ya?

Dual-sided Swaddling Blanket

I wish I had one of these swaddling blankets when I was a baby. Then maybe I would have had a chance at being completely balanced and normal. Whatever normal means.

Yes I was kidding. But it is true swaddling blankets have been all the rage these years. Some brilliant person found out that babies are more at ease and funkier when constrained and wrapped up like a present. They sleep better and longer and cry less. Because they really are the needy, insecured noise makers we think they are. :)

2-different sides with hoodies on each.

It was fun & pretty painless to make this nevertheless, and friends (you know who you are), if you are expecting a beanie of your own please ask for one from me. I’ll be more than happy to make you one. As long as you give your first born to me.

Yes I was kidding again.

Second or third born ones works just as well. Offer while stocks last.

Ok so how do you swaddle with this blankie. Let me bring on my assistant for a free demo.

First put baby on blanket with head towards the hoodie (duh!)

Fold up the opposite corner with the other hoodie and tuck baby’s chubby layered legs under it.

Fold down from the left hand corner and secure from baby’s right shoulder (doesn’t matter which side you start from)

Bring up the bottom left corner (same side where you started from) to tuck over baby’s left shoulder.

Repeat on the other side and fold down from the right hand corner and secure from baby’s left shoulder

Pull the remaining corner tight..

and wind around the back..

using the corner to tuck into the blankie.

Presto! you have a happy contented baby!

At least for a few precious minutes.