Bullie vs Kitty

This is so funny it’s illegal not to share!

I know some people have warped perceptions of Bull Terriers (affectionately known as Bullies), that they are violent and ferocious dogs. While it is true that their predecessors were bred as “Gladiator Dogs”, the Bullies of now are much milder and like every other breeds, very affectionate.  They are however very active dogs that require lots of exercise, and hence not suitable for people with very sedentary lifestyles.

Hold your horses! Please do not rush out to buy one now. Dogs are lifelong partners who need loving owners who are 110% committed to their well-being. If you are very sure and confident of accommodating another loyal and special being in your life, do consider the option of adopting. There are thousands and thousands of doggies who are abandoned every year and just waiting for a big heart to take them home (forever).

This fella here is a good example.

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