Beach clean-up

Today is the International Coastal Cleanup day (no..I did not make this up!). Every year, hundreds and thousands of sea turtles, albatross, manatees and many other soon to be extinct marine animals are found dead after ingesting plastic bags and all sorts of man-made litter. The Coastal Cleanup is a world wide initiative in preserving the marine life through cleaner, litter-free shores.

D-man’s company was nice enough to sponsor their employees to volunteer at the cleanup in Chek Jawa, the south-east coast of Pulau Ubin. Operations had to start early in the morning before the tide comes in, and the rain made it even colder.  The volunteers were good-spirited and unfazed, and you wouldn’t believe the things that were collected. More than 1,00 kg of trash, truck tyres, shoes, mattresses, and even a refrigerator!

“Woof! I am happy! Please come do this more often & tell your friends about it!”

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