Baby and Lucas

are the 2 dogs I have. They get the same amount of love, attention and equal spanking opportunities when they don’t obey the house rules. D-man and myself love them to bits and would never trade them for anything. Nothing in this world can buy them!!!

Unless its 100 million US dollars.

In cold hard cash.

And provided we are granted visiting rights.

Then we might consider cloning them.

Anyways my point is, this 2 dogs of mine, are very different in every aspect. Baby is the big dog trapped in a short, small, stumpy body, whose sunkissed golden fur grows 2 cm everyday and flows like silk in the wind. Lucas is a chicken trapped in a hound’s white and black spotted body, with an otter’s tail attached.

Lucas sits by my bed and guards me while I am asleep..

Conscientious and careful of every movement and unfamiliar sounds…

He sits obediently for his food, his walk and waits for us to finish watchy telly before starting to peddle his toys to us.

Lucas can do tricks like left and right hand shakes, sit still, down, and jumps over high walls and hola hoops when asked.

While Baby has very different skill sets.

She lies on my bed all day….

And gets away with murder.

You see, life is always fair. :)

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