Alles Gute

Heute ist meine letzte Schulstunde am Goethe.

It had been an enriching and long 15 months at Goethe. I thought I would be so happy tonight because its my last class (for now). It felt like the last day of school when we graduated. You just want to strip off your uniform, run around naked in the school field with the teachers gaping, pop the champagne, and celebrate the much awaited freedom of never having to face another bout of exams.  But as I sat waiting for my turn to go into the exam room earlier, I had a strong compulsion to advance the studies just to hang around with this über Spaß (super fun) bunch.

Reflecting upon the past year, I am glad I have gained much more than I asked for. I went to the class wanting to learn a new language but instead, I got acquainted with interesting people, cracked my head with the group activities, laughed till my sides split, cursed the Hausaufgaben, tests & exams and got fat on chocolates at class. I was also bewildered by our multi-cultural environment, had sipped many energy drinks as we sit in class after work with eyes half shut, and looked forward to break time at 8pm.

My biggest harvest however, was the many good friends I made and hope to keep.

Regrettably, I realize we were so anxious about today’s final term exam we forgot to take a group photo as I had planned. Maybe that would be a good motivation to organize a post-course outing soon.  If that’s a tall order, I just hope to cross paths with them again one fine day.

Maybe by then we could speak really good German.

Alles Gute meine Mitschülerin und Mitschüler!

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