A Dog’s Life

Today’s the typical busy weekend with lots of chores, grocery shopping, cooking and baking. Don’t get me wrong, I love doing all that. Especially the weekend morning fiesta at the fresh food market. But if only we have 3 days in a weekend because there can never be enough time to do everything. Anyway, as I walked in and out of the kitchen and into the living room, these 2 were lying in the warmth of the sun by the window.

I did the laundry and baked some cupcakes and emerged out of the kitchen an hour later. The earth has turned 15 degrees, the tides have changed, millions of dollars have exchanged hands, but as far as these two are concern, any kind of action is overrated. Still there in the sweet sunny spot, sound asleep and probably dreaming of huge steaks and vast green lands.

Whoever invented the term “It’s a dog’s life” when describing someone in hardship and adversity clearly have not met these dogs.

And I love them with all my might.

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