To give or not to give

Tonight in class, we talked about a German saying “Kleine Geschenke, erhalten die Freundschaft”, translated loosely to English as “A little gift, advances a friendship”.There was then a discussion between us on whether we agree or disagree with the proverb. Yours truly was stuck for a while, then I turned and asked the girlies. Almost all of them chimed “Ja, naturlich!”. It doesn’t require much, but even a small gesture like a bar of chocolate makes us giggle.

The guys however have a very different conception. They wouldn’t give a chipped toenail to their best buddy. Simply because.

It is a classic Men are from Mars moment. Men simply do not have the gifting DNA in them. It isn’t that they are mean. They can fight bullies together, lend their buddy their last penny, spend many a nights downing beers, even share the last toothpick in the restaurant….but when it comes to gifts, no amount of wind can sway rustle their leaves.

So boys, don’t expect any little boxes with bows from your dudes any time soon.

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