I have…

Today I was upset for a while because someone was rude to me. But I am not going to whine about it because this is not a whiney site. Whineyness and whiners are forbidden in The Peonies kingdom. So I came up with the most cunning plan to write a list of reminders that would be useful for days like that. A list that may come in handy again for an emergency pick-me-up from the blackest of all black Mondays.

In no order of preference or importance, in other words, random (my favourite & most used sequence):

1. I have a roof over my head
2. I have living, loving parents
3. I have an annoyingly smart brother (who at this point is about to get married to a really nice girl)
4. I have a job
5. I have cool friends and funky colleagues
6. I have 2 cute albeit mental dogs
6. I have really nice neighbours who can tolerate my dogs
7. I have money for the next meal
8. I am healthy and have not gained weight for 5 years
9. I have the ability to read and hence infinite opportunities for learning
..at this point you must have thought I’ve forgotten the most important person in my life haven’t you?
10. I have the limited edition, one of a kind, the only authentic D-man in the whole world.

You see, I always save the best for last.

Never under estimate the power of determination. If only we always have the fierce determination to remain happy, we can. Determination gets you to a lot of places. For instance, if you’re determined enough, you WILL climb up to your bed even if someone had placed it way above the ground because they need to hoover and mop the floor. See exhibit A.

If you’re determined enough, you will muster all your willpower to look cute even with just-woke-up bedhead.

I bet she doesn’t know what’s “being upset” or a “black Mondays”. We have a thing or 2 to learn from them.

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